Garden decorations, flower balls

I got a new idea to make latex moulds to cast concrete flower balls. They hopefully will look fantastic as garden decorations. I hope they will turn out great, and if so, I will make more of them!

I have bought a bunch of resin flatback flowers to use for this. I also bought some big styrofoam balls in different sizes and some modelling clay (that does not dry). The biggest ball is 14 cm in diameter. I cut a bit off from the styrofoam balls to have a flat bottom for my balls to stand on. Then I put on a thin layer of clay and then gently pressed the flowers into the clay. I filled the gaps between the flowers with small half round pearl beads.

This is the first ball I’m working on. I will make more of them (different designs) if this turn out as good as I think it will do.

Now the long process starts to make the latex mould. The ball has to be covered with liquid latex in several layers. I can put on two layers a day. It will take about two weeks to finish. It is very important to remove all trapped bubbles when putting the latex on. I use a straw to blow the bubbles away. Here I have just put on the third layer of latex.

I really long to cast this flower ball!


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  1. Why do you cover the ducks and decorative ball in liquid latex? Does this work better in harsh climates? I guess I just am familiar with it for casting, and I know it’s used cosmeticly.

    Your beaded wall art are beautiful. I’m guessing they are also very heavy? Quilting I am familiar with, and those who love embellishing with lots of things really have to work on ways to support the work. Do you show your art? I love the ostrich. He has such personality!

    • I’m using liquid latex to make moulds so I later can cast copies of the item. In my latest update you can see the finished flower ball mould and some newly casted flower balls.
      The diamond paintings on the wall are not heavy at all. They are actually quite light. I also love the ostrich, they are so cute and funny to look at.

      The only place I show my art is at home and here on my website. 🙂

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