There are about 140 acrylic paintings. These are painted on white canvas board. My Mother often used a plain credit card as a brush. Here she played a lot with colours and shapes, so many of the paintings are very abstract. In some of them you have to be very observant to notice everything that she hid in them.

18x24cm (7×9,5″)

21x330cm (8×12″)

22x27cm (9×10.5″)

~30x40cm (~12×16″)

38X46cm (15X18″)

40X50cm (16×20″)

40x60cm (16×24″)

46x55cm (18×22″)

50x50cm (20×20″)

50x60cm (20×23,5″)

50x70cm (20×27,5″)

70x70cm (27,5×27,5″)

70x90cm (27,5×35,5″)

80x80cm (31,5×31,5″)