In memory of my Mother

This is my beloved Mother. She passed away the 5th of August 2017. We knew that her end of life wasn’t that far away because of her illness, but we were not prepared that her death would come so suddenly. But who can be prepared for this anyway?

My Mother loved to paint and she was a real artist, but she very seldom wanted to show off her art. She kept all her paintings in huge stacks in her painting workshop. Even when she got sick she continued to paint and she kept painting until the end of her life.

She also lowed needle work and knitting and were very productive during her life. Now I have several big boxes full of the most beautiful tablecloths and table runners that she has made.

After her death I gathered all the paintings she had made and brought them home so I could take a photo of each and every one. It took so many hours of work to digitize them and to adjust the colours so they would look as near the original painting as possible.

I hope you will enjoy her paintings as much as we do.


8 responses to “In memory of my Mother”

  1. Que hermosas creaciones, ya veo de donde viene tu talento, muchas gracias por compartir cosas tan inspiradoras, me encanta todo lo que publicas, saludos desde México

  2. so sorry to hear about your Mom, Monica. Glad you shared so much love and that she left you so many mementos…. she was seriously talented… but I’d guess that could be where you get yours from. My best to you. D.

  3. I am so sorry about your Mother. She left you with cherished memories and some beautiful paintings. Your mom was so talented. I know where your creativity comes from. Thank you for sharing with me.

  4. So very sorry for the loss of your beloved mother. She was truly talented, as well a having a talented daughter. I’m sure she is watching over you and still loving you! God bless.

  5. Monica, un saludo desde Colombia. Dios te bendiga por todos tus hermosos trabajos y por compartir tanta creatividad. No tengo dinero para donar pero tu trabajo vale mucho y te agradezco por enseñarlo mis oraciones por tu vida feliz y bendecida. Tu mama esta desde el cielo cuidandote y acompañandote. Fuerte abrazo

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