My Greenhouse

When we moved to our house, there was a small greenhouse of 5.8 m2. Pretty soon it became too small. I bought one more, a second-hand at the same size as the old one and built them together.
Here we are building a staircase in the slope. The stone plates is only there provisionally. Later, we will build the stairs out of sleepers.

I noticed quite quickly that two small greenhouses are not enough. See just how crowded and miserable it is. If you turn around the risk of tear something out is very big. The door is also so narrow that it is hard to carry the big boxes in and out of the greenhouse in the spring when acclimatize the small plants to the sun.
In the summer of 2005 we built a new bigger greenhouse. It is 16,2 m2. It is tall and have lots of ventilation hatches and a double door. Here is the foundation, the base and the floor finished.
All aluminum profiles are sorted. Now we are going to start assemble them together.
We had to chop half of the white currant bush away to make room for the greenhouse.
Here are all the profiles in place. It took a couple of hours before it was finished. We were very careful when we put the base together so everything was in the right angle and horizontally (we measured the diagonal and adjusted many times before we were satisfied).
Now it’s finished! I have also built two big shelves that I designed so they fit into the long sides.
I adjusted the distance between the supporting frames so they can hold three large boxes on each shelf. On the top shelf I can put smaller boxes and pots.
A lower section in the middle of one side is perfect to work at when replanting.
This is how it looks like, when I have hung up some planting shovels and others things.
Finally, I can start using the new greenhouse. In late April / May I move out all the small plants I grew up in the garage. Here, I have a plug brim with small plants that needs to be planted in larger pots.
A deckchair is necessary. I have also a big barrel with water, I have to fill it with the garden hose. The heat fan keeps the heat up during the cold nights in May.
Now the shelves are full of flower plants.
And even here, but there are some space left.
The lower section has proved to be very comfortable to work at. Here I have covered it with plastic to make it more easy to clean.
I print out and laminate my own plant sticks. A stick in each box is enough.
Some tomato plants growing.
In late May I start to carry all the flowers out in the morning and back into the greenhouse in the evening, just to acclimate them. If there are no risk for frost, I’ll leave them outside at night.
Around June 10th can I plant out the flowers because then the risk of frost is over.
When the summer flowers have moved out, it is time to grow a jungle of tomatoes, cucumbers and many other things in the greenhouse.
It is nice to sit here with a cup of tea reading a good book. I then eat sweet cherry tomatoes, warm from the sun.
Cherry tomatoes sweet as candy.


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