A new flower bed on the north side

Now it was finally time to do something about the two small flower beds on the north side. Here is the lawn dug away and you can imagine how it will look like …

I think these bricks are so nice. They are easy to work with because no mortar is needed. It is just to dig out a little beneath and fill in with sand. Then you only have to put them on line. I use a rubber mallet to hammer them to the right height. Here I am putting small bricks on the outside. That will prevent the grass to grow into the wall and it should be easier to run with the mower.
This is how it looks like after planting. Part of what grew here before has moved back, but not the ferns.
I had so many young perennial plants in small pots that needed somewhere to grow. At last I had a place for them.
Here I have placed the bird bath I have cast in concrete.
A little closer look. The mushrooms are not real ones.
Here is a larger flat rhubarb leaf.


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  1. Very beautiful garden. You certainly are multi talented! You not only grow your own plants, cast your own pots etc but your crafts are fabulous too. I admire you tremendously.

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