New projects 2009

Now the turn has come to do something about the front side of the greenhouse and the large flower bed in the slope. Here’s how it looked like in summer 2008.
All winter, I sat and pondered and made up drawings of how I wanted it to look like. I will make a paved semicircle outside the greenhouse and a wall around the flowerbed which will have a slightly different look.

Here I have peeled the grass off and dug out for the semi-circle. A lot of soil must be dug away at the wooden stairs. I tipped the soil where the grass was in the start. The soil will be used later when the wall is in place.
The foundation is leveled out and packed. Now the stones will be placed.
Now the semi-circle is completed! I just have to fill up with sand between the stones. Here you also can see how the wall is started. I use the same type of bricks that I have used in the other flower beds.
The wall will be higher in the start and become lower and lower toward the stone steps.
The first part of the wall is finished!
All perennials must be dug out before I can finish the wall. Later I will put some of them back.
The wall is finished! The old soil is mixed up with compost. Luckily, I had plenty of compost soil that I saved specifically for this. I also bought 25 bags of cow manure that I mixed in.
Now I have “planted” some stones so I have something to walk on when planting and weeding.
All the perennials are in place. Several of the old and lots of new ones, which I planted seeds from during spring.
A table, chairs, and pots of flowers makes it very cozy.
Here I will sit and drink tea or juice when I read a good book on hot summer days.
We’ll see when I will do the flower bed beyond the stone stairs. I have plans for this too but it will have to wait one year or so.
The pots, I did cast the last summer is nice in the corner together with the zinc barrel.


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  1. So beautiful! Just found your site. You are AMAZING! Been out working on my flowers today. Just love them. I love your pots. You actually pour them and make them yourself? I wish I knew how to do that!

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