A new pond

Finally it’s time to fix this side of the stone steps. Here is a small pond that I want to make bigger. During the winter, I planned how I wanted to do it. There will also be a low stone wall, like I have in other places in the garden.

First, I emptied the water out, then it was easier to dig out all the perennials in the slope above. The last overgrown mountain pine above the pond will be removed.
A lot of bricks and tiles will be needed. Everything was ordered and delivered.
All perennials are dug out. A trench filled with compacted stone dust will be the basis for the wall. A lot of turf is removed so now you can see roughly how big new pond will be.
The first layer is partially laid. A lot of soil are removed.
The deep pit is finished. Even more turf must be removed! It’s a hard job and my back is hurting.
Here we have drawn the pond liner in place. It was so heavy and difficult to manage! The pond liner is a little too big, but it is better to have too much than too little. Some of the left over I will use to build a small brook. Here water is filling up while I corrects the pond liner.
The next level of the bricks are in place. Now I can finally start to fill up with compost to make the flower bed ready.
I prefer to work barefoot. My feet gets quite dirty during a days hard work.
Now the brook is in place but I have no neat connection of it to the pond yet. Some flowers have also moved back.
I tried to cast a trench that leads the water from the brook over the wall into the pond. I think it looks good, we’ll see if I keep it or try to make a new one.
I have temporarily put out slate tiles around the pond, next summer, I will continue with this project. The brick wall will be completed and a walkway made of stone dust will be placed around the pond. On the far end, there will be a paving between the wall and the pond.


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