During summer 2013 I finished the work with the new pond


This summer we will finish the brick wall and make a round paiving beside the pond. Then we will continue with the walkway around the pond. Here we have prepaired for the paving.


Now the fun work can start!


The bricks are in place. Now the edge has to be reinforced. I use concrete and reinforcing bars for this.


I form the concrete with my hands.


Now, the gaps have to be filled. I have mixed cement and stone powder which I then brush into the gaps.


A small plum tree will grow above the brick wall.


Now everything is ready, I think. Next summer I will plant flowers and I will also build a trellis for some climbers.


This is what I had in my mind when I planned this area. 🙂


Last summer we had to take the big willow tree down. It was breaking apart and become dangerous. You can see the remainings of it in the background.
Now we had to plant a new tree. I want the new tree to be protected against our riding mowers so it doesn’t get hurt. I really love this typ of bricks, I suppose you have understand that by now. 😉


The tree is a Birchbark cherry tree. It will gro fast and have lovely red-brownish bark that peels away.