Some more new cards

September 8th, 2014 by

Here are six new cards. The size of the cards in the files is 4.25 x 5.5″ when folded, but you can cut them smaller if you want. I used A5 cardstock when I cut these out so I had to shrink the designs to get them to fit.

Fancy_Edge_Card_5-6-7 Fancy_Edge_Card_8-9-10

You can find the new files here.


Summer is ending and finally I have had time to make some new designs

August 28th, 2014 by


This summer I have been busy as usual with all things to do in the garden. I have harvested a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers from the greenhouse. I have made lots of pickled cucumber! The carrots are so sweet and tasty and the salad is crisp and nice. Last weekend I picked red and white currants from our three currant bushes. There where not that much berries in the white one but the two red ones had lots of berries. I also picked gooseberries. Here is a picture of the harvest.


During the next two days I made juice of all the berries. Lots of bottles!


Building a shed 

We have also spent much time building a new storage shed. The old one was too small to store all the garden tools in. We definitely need a bigger one. We started building during our summer holiday and of course the weather made it hard for us. It was too hot! Now when the summer holiday is over, we still have some work to do on it before it’s finished.



New designs

After a long break (as usual during the summer), I now feel the creativity is returning. This time I have made some simple card designs with cutouts along the edge.

I will make more of these later.


You can find the new files here.



What cardstock to use when cutting intricate designs.

June 27th, 2014 by

My designs are pretty intricate so you need a crisp paper and not to thick, 65 lb is perfect. I love the WorldWin cardstock like the ColorMates. It cuts like butter and are perfect for intricate designs but any similar paper should work. Always use a sticky mat so the cardstock doesn’t move when cutting and be sure your blade is sharp.

The settings I use when cutting with my Silhouette Cameo is:
Blade set to 2 or 3 depending on how new my blade is.
Thickness 30
Speed 10 (Yes, I always cut on max speed!)

I can’t recommend the cutting settings for other machines because I don’t have any experience with these.


How intricate can I cut?

When I draw a design, I always have in mind that I want it to cut well in most cutting machines. Therefore, I try to make the lines not too thin and inner angles not to pointy. If I only should consider what my Cameo is capable of, I would be able to draw even more detailed and delicate designs. But I know that not all machines are as good as my Cameo.

I recently made a test cut on one of my doilies (Layered Doily 56) to see how small I could cut it. Here you can see the result:


First cut. Original size. The doily measure just over 7.5 inches (19,5 cm) in diameter.


Close up on the first cut. Nice and clean. No weeding was needed, all the small parts stayed on the mat when lifting off the design.


Here are the two next cuts. The one on the left measure 4 inches (10 cm). The one on the right only 2,5 inches (6,3 cm).


Close up on the second cut. Still nice and clean. Only a little weeding was needed.


Close up on the third cut. Here you can see that the edges are slightly shaggy but you never notice it when looking at it in real. It’s so tiny so it looks just fabulous when holding it in your hand.
This size took a little bit longer to weed.

I think it’s amazing that you can cut the design so small and still get a great result.

The result shows that if you have a good cutter, you should be able to cut most of my designs much smaller than the size they are in the files.



Preparing for summer!

May 24th, 2014 by

I have been busy working in the garden during the latest weeks. The snow has melted and the birch leaves has just sprouted and are tender green. The spring has arrived and soon the summer will be here. Today its warm weather but cloudy and some light raining. Daffodils, cowslips and some other early flowers are in full bloom.

Today I have brought all my summer plants out of the greenhouse for the first time. I will be carrying them in and out during some days now to acclimate them to the sun. In about two weeks I should be able to plant them out in baskets, boxes and in my flower beds. Then the risk for frost in the nights will be over.

The first mosquitos have also arrived. How I hate them! It’s almost impossible to be outdoors when it is much mosquitoes. Yesterday, I ordered a Mosquito Magnet Patriot. Hopefully this summer will be mosquito free!


P1010463 P1010469P1010464 P1010465    P1010467 P1010473


More cards…

May 10th, 2014 by

Edit: Hmm. I saw I had posted the wrong picture of one of the cards earlier. I’m sorry about that, the picture of the first card in previous post is corrected now.

Here are the last cards for this time. :)
You can find them for downloading at the bottom of the page here.


Four_fold_card_23 Four_fold_card_24 Four_fold_card_25 Four_fold_card_26 Four_fold_card_27