Painting dahlias

I have been painting my cast dahlias for the past few days. It’s so fun when you see all the colours and how they harmonize with each other. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way I want, but then I just paint it over and try a different shade. I love these shimmery metallics and pearlescent colours.
In the spring I will also clearcoat them, but I will do that outdoors because I use a solvent-based spray varnish. Right now it is far too cold and too much snow outside!

You can put these flowers on a rebar because there is a hole in the bottom of the flowers. Just push the rebar into the soil and place the flower on top. They look so beautiful in the garden!


9 responses to “Painting dahlias”

  1. They are absolutely stunning. They look so real, you are so talented. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Monica, Do you sell your dahlias?

    My wife would love them in her landscaping at the front of our home.

    Larry M.
    Central Kentucky, USA

    • Hi Larry, I’m glad you like my dahlias! I do sell them sometimes but only locally, sorry.

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